Classes Of Branding

You must definitely know what branding is since it is very common now a days. But, do you know there are classes of branding? Yes, there are classes of branding. Well, if you don’t know the classes then knowing them is a must. Below are some classes of branding that are most common. Go here to know more in this regard.

Individualized branding

This class of branding is widely famous amongst TV or movie stars, sportsmen, lawmakers, etc. Individualized branding makes it effortless for such people to make a good image and reputation of themselves amidst the people who like them. This brand reputation assists them by which they get greater opportunities in business and this is also advantageous for the brands that are linked with these people.

If we talk about politicians, we can say that individualized branding is advantageous for them in way that they make a good reputation of themselves in front of the people so they can persuade the people voting that they would be perfect in every aspect.

Market branding

This class of branding is done by the giants of the industry in order to raise the fascination and attentiveness of purchasers and develop items and goods sales excel the competition. Plenty of money is consumed to make distinct images of the brand that persuades buyers to choose their brand rather than going for other brands. Much planning is needed for this class of branding.

Geographical branding

This class of branding is used for particular services and goods which are unusual to a specific region. Geographical branding is widely used for the industry of tourism. Many different countries and districts make efforts to brand such things which makes them unique and distinctive from other countries or districts. Country side, food, centers for tourists inside a famous area are most of the time branded.


As we can even understand by the name, this class of branding links brands of more than two firms or organizations with a particular good or facility. Co-branding is successful in creating businesses, raising awareness, etc.

You now know the classes of branding. If you want to have any class of branding for yourself, then you should find and contact best branding agency in Dubai.

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